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Subject: Your racist comments

It Amazes me that you who are sick will spend so much time 
cooking innuendos and falsehood instead of dealing with the Facts. 

I've been cooking innuendos and falsehoods?
I hope I served some some fresh, Bixby corn with it.


I don't appreciate your racist remarks at all pal. 

Which racist remarks are those?

If I was close I would probably punch u in 
the mouth - excuse me didn't mean to get violent.  

Good thing - The Baby hates violence.

The war is over the bluecoats kicked the gray coats butt , 
and real good. so burn that suit you have in your closet 
and bury that flag. Its over... Go Obama.. 

This is about Obama?
What year did you write/send this e-mail?

I received it on Sunday, Aug 2, 2009.

You making fun of the President's plan to help people. 
I am sure you will be the first one in the line knocking over 
old ladies and people in need to get the benefits.  !!GO Obama!!
 Davey Jones

Davey Jones?   Are you a monkee?  (The kids won't get that one)

I wish you'd write back and drop a clue what you're talking about.
Obama doesn't have a better friend than me.

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