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Subject: We tried to warn you Bartcop!

Yes, Obama IS naive
We tried to warn you about Obama.  But you accused us of being repugs.

We told you he had no real world experience but then you accused us of sending you "monkey mail"   That hurt!
Then you showed us all this lame ass bullshit that he did as SENATOR and neighborhood organizer.  BAD!!!

Now you are seeing what we warned you about - damn it.
And you KNOW Bush would be handling this better than your big O

So NOW you say:

> Maybe the answer is - Obama is the most naive Democratic president of my lifetime?

He never was and NEVER will be my president!!
 Tom Gentry

You got the wrong guy.

I was for Hillary 100% from Day One, no doubt, no wavering, no fence-straddling.
I said Obama was inexperienced and, like David Axelrod, I questioned his "chin,"
meaning we didn't know if he could take a punch and we didn't know if he would fight.

When she stepped out of the picture, I went with our nominee.

But what's wrong with you?
Obama is "not your president" because he might be naive?

If that's the best answer you can give, I can only assume
your true motives have do do with the color of his skin

Otherwise, you would've mentioned your true motives, right?

If you claim Bush would've done better, why should I not accuse you of being a Rethug?
Are you one of those FOX Democrats who hates everything the Democrats do
but funny, you love Der Monkey Fuhrer with all your heart?

BTW, who is this "we" and "us" you keep talking about?


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