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Subject: The mob didn't kill JFK 

Dear Bart:

As I said before.   All JFK assassination researchers that ignore the fact that the autopsy photos and x-rays 
are forgeries are trying to mislead you.  The mafia did not control JFKs autopsy, Admirals and Generals did.  

The mafia did not have the means to forge the autopsy records, Military and Intelligence officials did.  
Gangsters were not arrested and photographed while trying to escape the grassy knoll area in disguise, CIA agents were.  
Trafficante did not fly from Dallas to Tyler Texas and back on 11-22-63 so he could phone in a phony tip to the FBI 
in order to create an alibi that he was in Tyler Texas instead of Dallas, that was George H.W. Bush.

The JFK assassination was an intelligence operation and if the mafia was involved at all, their role was to service as back-up patsies.

Warm regards,

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