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Subject: Mobbing - A Bullying Tactic

Bullying is a very complex phenomenon and it appears in many forms for
groups of people of all ages.  One form is "mobbing."  It appears often in
adult employment settings.  It goes like this:  the boss decides that an
employee is to be fired, but he knows that he has to have a reason, and the
targeted employee has a very good track record. 

So, what the boss does is to hint to his subordinates that the employee is
not performing well and that they all should let him know any details about
the target that they discover.

Of course, what this does is to create a "mob" of fellow employees who,
to keep their own jobs, focus on the target and give the boss a lot of reasons
they think the target needs to be let go.  During this process the target is
increasingly isolated, insulted, and in the final analysis he or she is
thoroughly tarred with a bad brush.

Hence, the target has a miserable time of it, often being moved to
uncomfortable surroundings or other kinds of harassment.

Bullying isn't just something that happens to school children.  It happens
routinely in the adult work environment as many managers, like Mitt
Romney for example, are psychopaths who will do anything to violate
the rights of workers to get their way.


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