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Subject: Dumbass

You're a fucking infantile child.

I'm sick of this shit.

WWIII is going down, you dumbass.
This ain't a game.

The Money changers have taken over the temple,
and have created an absolute police state to drag old
tired cowards like you into the shower.

You'll giggle when the Zyclon B is turned on ya.

Bartcop, is a coward and a fraud,

...and may god have mercy on your soul!
 Andy Winfrey

1. No, I'm an old man.
2. You're sick of what shit?
3. If you're talking about Iran, I'm light years ahead of you and have been since forever.
4. Ain't nobody dragging my old ass anywhere without my permission.
5. I will not.
6. Am not.
7. There is no God - what are you, like, stupid?
8. Tell Oprah Bart says 'Hey!'


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