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 Subject: your prop-ganda





Yaknow it is rather unfortunate that propogandists like you & limbaugh & maddow & hannity
actually have an audience. I have a local talk show host whom I frquently call and get hanged up on
who reminds me of you.

You mean he's smart and fun, like me?

I regularly search yer website to get good practice for my calls.
He can never refute much of what I say.

Well then, how could he remind you of me?

Totally would listen to me when i chastized Bush,but when Obama was selected to be dear leader
{same amount of voter fraud for monkey Bush as monkey Obama} he started hanging up on me
and we quickly lost a friendship.

I will be your friend.

BTW, the voters "selected" Obama.
Bush was selected by five crooked judges.

Pal,,Obama stanks as much as Bush.

You mean Obama is responsible for 8,000 American dead?
You'd think FOX News would mention a story like that.
Saying Obama and Bush are equal is like saying 3 and 22 and equal.

If you can not see ,you are totally a partisan clueless hack!!

Is everyone with an opinion a hack?
That would make you a hack, then, too, right?

And ""journalists"" like you are totally responsible for state of this once great nation.

If you think Obama and Bush are the same,
I can see where you'd think Rush Limbaugh and I are the same.

Obama is a socialist commie hack,,just as Bush was a neocon fascist hack.

That socialist's stock market just broke 15,000.

Wonder why you never wrote any articles on ole Michelle getting
her law degree forced from her by an Illinois disciplinary agency.

I wonder why you forgot to include the link on that?
And again, why would FOX News give Michelle a pass on being soooo crooked
that the Illinois bar had no choice but to yank her law license?

Because FOX is extra-fair when it comes to Black Democratic women?

I could write a book on Obama and his USA destrying newworldorder implementing agenda.

You can't seem to write a short e-mail about it.

Plus, I'll bet you $100 you can't explain newworldorder to my satisfaction.
I'll bet you have NO IDEA what that phrase even means, but you probably
heard Rush say it so you assume it means something and you run with it.

You should just go away and get a real hobby instead of being a democRat talking puppet.
You have no integrity. Understand this ,as it is fact....
 Robert Chaves

Yes, it's a "fact" that I have no credibility just like
it's a "fact" that Obama and Bush both "stank" the same.

Next time you accuse somebody, be clear and cite examples.


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