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 Subject: Lies





Everything on your site is all lie about TEA Party and Conservatives everywhere.



I was hoping you'd list some of the lie I told.

It Was President Lincoln that free the slaves and he was Conservative or Republican!!!

Yes, that was 145 years ago, when Republicans still had souls.
What happened to your party since then?

Do you know what TEA stands for "Tax Enough Already". and rest are all lies

Taxes have gone down under Obama. Since your taxes went down,
why do you hate Obama so much?
  Besides his skin color, I mean...

Martian L King was also a Conservative too.

I have never heard of Martian L King - is he a friend of yours?

Dem. had the house and Senate all eight years under Bush.

Your command of the facts is astounding.
Do you listen to Rush every day?

It was the same Congress and Senate that what pass the bill on to the president who sign it
into law because Republicans did not have enough votes to over turn the bill.
  Brian Johnson

Brian, this is an English-only website.
I will attempt to find someone who understands your writing.

Good luck with that whole Teabagger thing because WE are
going to win the White House again in 2016 and again in 2020.

Permission to suck on that is granted.


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