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Subject: That is a nice trick you use

 Bart, you wrote:

> "Diane, about that Paypal stuff, what I said was true, but it's not that bad".

,,,,,,, then it was alie because you SPECIFIED 55%

That was not alie.
 ha ha, I got me a Monkey on the hook

A while back I received a Paypal sticker donation of 1.00.
I remember Paypal taking 55 cents and leaving me 45 cents,
but my e-mail feedback suggests I have those numbers reversed.

It's possible ...out of that dollar, Paypal took only 45 cents.
So the 45/55, 55/45 transposition may have occured.

It's not like I mistook 80/20 for 20/80.

So, if you want to accuse me of misleading my readers over a fucking DIME,
I'll plead guilty rather than spend my time fighting such a "blow me" accusation.

I'm a busy man - I got shit to so.

That is a nice trick you use...each time you get caught...

Each time I get caught misremembering ten cents?

Dude, I'll plead guilty to a lot of things, but "getting caught" isn't one of them.

You have an e mail from a mythical reader ....or each time you want to try a new scam "make a donation on your Birthday"  you get the idea from a mythical reader

Dude, like so many others in your position - can I offer you part-time employment?
It doesn't pay much, but if you kick my ass, you'll probably get a show on FOX.

There's only one person on the planet who knows that Diane is real, and that's Diane.

Besides, if I was going to fake my e-mails, wouldn't I do a better job of promoting myself?

"Bart, you're just like Cheney."
Yeah, the money rolls in when I publish e-mail like that.

So you have been a con man, a parasite surviving on donations for seventeen years?

No, I dabbled in conning starting in March of 1993, when the internet still had peach fuzz.
I started part-time conning in 1995, with Prodigy on the RADIO Rush Limbaugh channel.
My first eight years on the Internet, I accepted no donations.
For eight years, people wrote,  "Love your stuff, can I send you a few bucks?"
Like a moron with an IQ of 64, I said, "No, no need for that."

Why no need for that?

Because at the time, I was pulling down a cool $28K at the used car lot.
Who needs money when you're an Okie pulling down a cool $28K?

Then the Whore Court installed Bush in 2000 and that changed everything

That made me think the idiot Democrats needed a lot of help with ideas, so, I think it
was Dec 12, 2000, I signed up for Paypal  and asked for donations amd 14 months later,
I decided to gamble and quit my day job and here we are.

I thought that you were someone with a real job who used Bartcop to vent ....
 Hot Trader

Wait, Hot Trader?
Are you Hot to Trot  with a different nick?


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