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Subject: For you BarfSlop: Clinton, the Traitor in Chief

Here is some news that you treasonous Trotskyites don't like to admit.

Jiminy Peanut, stooge for the treasonous left,
pardoned draft-dodging traitors to the United States.

It's true that President Carter pardoned thousands of war resistors.
Sounds like you wish we were still fighting over Vietnam all these decades later.

Bubba Dropdrawers, who later went on to sell America a piece of missile technology
at a time to the Chinese, was among these same draft-dodgers. Bubba DropDrawers
was the first FELON who was President of the United States!

Butt Monkey, you have your facts all wrong:
Clinton was never convicted of a felony and he didn't sell shit to the Chinese.

Plus, Clinton avoided Vietnam, like Bush & Cheney,
The difference is, Clinton tried to stop the war for everybody, whereas
Bush & Cheney loved the war - they were just too cowardly to go themslves.

Funny how many lie sites sprang up once the socialists realized the truth
was out about that one.  William Jefferson Clinton ran to England to avoid
military service, and James Earl Carter pardoned all draft dodgers who had
fled the U.S. to avoid military service. 

We already covered that, remember?
If you repeat a lie five times, does that make it true in Monkeyland?

Democrats like coddling traitors.  It's their quid pro quo. 
Just ask David Bonior, Jim McDermott, or Patty Murray.

It would be easier to ask Bush and Cheney.
They did business with Saddam, Hezzbolah, Noriega, the Ayatollah and f-ing Hitler.

Nobody believes the snopes explanation, either. Either come back from
REPUTABLE sources or admit that the Traitor-in-Chief was anything but
the sniveling dirtbag draft-dodger the THINKING world sees him to be.

Butt Monkey, we covered that, too.
I'm sorry that Snopes's facts disagree with your wild-assed assertions.

Bubba dodged the draft.  Snopes is nothing more than a liberal a lie site. 
And no matter what your twisted tiny brain devises as a way to counter that,
William Jefferson Clinton still ran away to England and dodged the draft.

Butt Monkey, we covered that, three.
Do you have problems dealing in the present tense?

So tell your lies to another brain-dead liberal.  The same Sons of Lenin who
would overthrow this Republic in a heartbeat. Patriotic Americans know that
Bubba was a criminal who sold America to foreign interests because he never
had to fight to protect it.

What America knows about Clinton is this:
He tripled the stock market
He created 24 million new jobs and
He never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.

Compare that to Der Monkey Fuhrer:

The market went DOWN under Bush, he created ZERO jobs
and he sent 5,000 soldiers into an early grave with his WMD lies.

...oh, and he bankrupted the entire world.

Your side would KILL to have a president as successful as Clinton.
If you had anyone half as good as Clinton in your history, you'd have better things
to do than fabricate silly stupid lies about him - and you're proving it right now.


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