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Subject: Yea sure Bart

Oh chomp chomp w homoerotic overtones....

Sorry, Bart you still dont know what the hell your talking about.
Google is not a "new start up company". They are a titan in their field
that was founded almost 10 years ago right here in my backyard.. .
So thats a flat out bullshit lie.

You caught me - I didn't think anyone knew who Goggle was.
That'll teach me to try and fool smart people like you.

I guess Google designs your page, huh?
Dont you have control over your own page anymore? I guess not.
Are you a shareholder or just need the money?

I just need the money.
Google sent me $160 for those ads last month.
We keep telling them we don't want ads for Fascist dogs

BTW, if Google designed this page, wouldn't it be fancier?

You were just saying the other day about how one unnamed site
gets 90% of all the ad revenue, so I know this bothers you.

Yeah, that millionaire makes more than the next nine biggest blogs combined on that network.
As a rule, I don't mind a guy being rich, but he told Russert he doesn't do much work on his blog..
I work like a dog and I have to put up with people who whine and complain if I make $160.

Maybe if you were to explain to your readers why and how something like Bush signed prints
might occur (before it inevitably happens), instead of having guys like me exposing you for it
after it occurs, you wouldnt get all ashamed and pissy.
 rich the bitch

I've explained this many times before.
If you were a regular reader, you'd have read the explanation many times.
Do you want me to explain why I need to make money every issue?

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