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Subject: Bartcop - the racist wannabe thug

You are the only racist person I know that probably wakes up 
in the morning and says "Damn I wish were black". 

That's an odd way to begin a first-time conversation with a stranger.
Trusth is, I'm glad I'm not Black because I think I'd be dead by now.

If I walked into a diner in Texas and said, "I'd like a cheeseburger with no pickles"
and the reply was "We don't serve niggers here," I think I'd firebomb the mother-effer.

You always jump at the chance to drive a stake in your own race. 

ha ha

I f-ing hate white people.
I hate them so much, I married one of them.

This tells me that you weren't loved as a child and that 
you had a low self esteem as you grew up into a young lad.

Monkey, I grew up lower-class poor but I was the happiest kid in America.
I still am - nobody has a better life than me and that includes McCartney, Clooney, Bono etc.
Damn, I wish some wealthy publisher would finance the writing of my biography.

I don't remember you having anything to say when that dumbass Kanye West got up on stage 
and hijacked the acceptance speech of one Taylor Swift. They say that it cost him millions in 
lost revenue because of the backlash.. 

Kanye West made a stupid mistake there.
What he did wasn't evil, but it was rude, tacky and uncalled-for.
I'm sure he wishes he could take that moment back. 

Beyonce won alot of awards so why do this shit? 
Oh, that's right she's black and since you hate being white 
you jumped at the chance to kick whitey to the curb as usual.

Monkey, you make no sense.
Why do you keep repeating that I hate being white?

And, speaking of talentless,  I don't see your precious Garbage girl (Shirley) up on stage 
getting too many awards. Oh - wait a minute -  you have no problem with that because 
(drum roll please)-------------------she's WHITE!!!

ha ha

Monkey, Shirley left the music business in 2005, and they don't give awards for inactivity.
You're stupid - even for a Monkey.

P.S.  Is the problem really your secret desire to have a big penis? 

Can we leave my penis out of this?
Why are you so interested in my penis?

Well son they come in all shapes and sizes. Black or white - it makes no difference. 
Have you considered seeing a Psychologist?

I think I would enjoy doing battle with a shrink.
What's the name of the guy you use?

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