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Subject: you propaganda so weak

Yo barty, About this Reverend Miller case; first of all there is no "kidnapping" that occurred here,
that is such a bogus interpretation of it as to be an utter joke.

Butt Monkey, he was convicted of kidnapping.
Maybe residents of Monkeyville claim he wasn't, but the judge and jury say he was.

Ms. Miller obviously left of her own decision. Her partner and you are very upset primarily because
Ms. Miller renounced her lesbianism, which enrages yer born that way lady gaga view.

You read, right?
The judge ordered her to share custody or face losing the child if she disobeyed his orders.
She and the now-felon preacher decided that judge could go fuck  himself, thus the crime of kidnapping
My "feelings" have nothing to do with this case - the judge and jury don't even know me.

You conveniently leave that out of yer rant.
Ms. Miller gave birth to Isabella, which Lisa's partner has no biological ties to.

You can bring up 1,000 off-topic points, but the facts remain the same.
Judge ordered, they disobeyed, charges were filed, he was found guilty.

It must be tough to debate when the facts all conspire against you.

What a perversion of family law this really is where a same sex partner who has no biological tie
to a child has the same rights as a biological father would have.  Lisa made a personal choice as to
what was best for her and yer obedience to yer agenda will refuseyou to see this in any other way.

But the facts remain the same.
Judge ordered, they disobeyed, charges were filed, he was found guilty.

You don't come here for the hunting, do you?

Ms. Miller's former partner has no ties to this child compared to her biological mother.
Lisa Miller wanted to get away from her partner because she chose to change her life,
If her former partner wants a child tell her to go make a child, via artificial insemination
as same sex unoins can not create life.

But the facts remain the same.
Judge ordered, they disobeyed, charges were filed, he was found guilty.

If that kidnapping crazy woman ever comes back to America, she's going to prison.
There's no statute of limitations on kidnapping.

The courts have really become twisted in their interpretation of law.
I do not hate homosexuals, this is but a sampling of family getting so twisted because of
a redefining of a sacred traditional institution, but I feel that you will become enamored
to call me a hatecriminal.  Oh well!!!

I don't know if you're a hate criminal or not.
I just know you're having a knife fight with the facts and the facts are winning.

Another thing since you do not believe in or understand GOD you would be wise in not
bringing GOD up in yer rants, as it in only succeeds in making you appear quite foolish.
 Robert C, Comptroller of the Monkeyville Budget

Dude, you believe in an Invisible Cloud being who created people we should hate
and *I* appear quite foolish?

Let's say there's a Heaven and you get to go there.
What will you say to God when he asks why you were so cruel to his gay children?



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