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Subject: the Moose Mom brings up Ayers, the terrorist

Heya Bartcop,

I'll admit, I've been a bit busy lately trying to keep some food on the table to keep up to date on your site.  
I made a donation and I wanted to say thank you for the stickers!  I've got one on my backpack right now 
bolstered with a good bit of clear packing tape.

So,  we've entered the last chapter.  The final desperation of the McCain camp.  
They are having the moose mom bring up Ayers.

As a guy who has backed Obama since the beginning, I just want to make sure you really pay attention
to the Obama camp response, given your years of screaming that the Dems need to grow a pair.

McCain hasn't even launched the ads yet, and Obama is already up with the first response ad.  
The Obama surrogates on the Sunday shows today fired the warning shots... 
"You wanna go there?  Let's RUMBLE!"

And rolled out the second the Moose Mom mentioned the name Ayers.

Going through a few back issues I'm really glad to hear you speaking of "When Obama gets elected..."  
Your doubt about his ability to take on the Rove fellas seems to have waned, a lot.

Growing up on the South side of Chicago, I would like to paraphrase _The Princess Bride_ -
"Never go against a South side politician when DEATH IS ON THE LINE!"

Don't worry man, we got this!  The only way McSame is gonna win would be through cheating, 
which they would have done no matter who the candidate is.  You can take heart on that one, too... 
as I'm sure you are aware, the Obama camp has a Phalanx of lawyers, ready to roll, from polling places on up.  

The recent win in Michigan against using foreclosure roles as disqualifications and the subsequent 
backing out of Michigan should help back this up.

Keep on hammerin'!

Rob, for the sake of party unity and pre-victory manners, I have no rebuttal.

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