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Morality isn't profitable

If we listen to our corporate robber barons, the ONLY reason to do anything is money. 
Profitability, profiteering, rigging the game against consumers, voters and the general public 
is what America is all about. There is no higher motivation for them than money. 
Can't this country attack problems here and do it without profit being the primary or only goal? 
Isn't there a higher calling?
What lessons are our kids learning from this? Religion is said to be about helping others - a very socialistic goal, 
yet many of the same believers in their favorite flavor of mythology act in the interest of corporations, which should 
have no person-hood status and certainly do not have ours nor our country's interests as a priority. One would think 
there would be rioting in the streets against the tyranny of the upper class.
Clearly capitalism has failed, not to mention our education system which produces such numb nuts that have 
suppressed progress for half a century. So why would anyone want to fight and die for such a corrupt, inhumane government?
The Change we Need had better happen soon, as the evil right wing continues to infect our media outlets with lies and 
being able to get their insane messages out, sending the opposition running away in fear. We are now seeing the real costs 
of Reaganomics with state budgets being broken while being protective of the rich and not being willing to fund the 
necessary social and moral obligations that make society work.
It is probably safe to say if Mr Change fails at health care, we will have seen the rich, who are the equivalent of slave owners, 
have beaten us, the lower class (slaves) yet again. We the People are toast if Obama  and his party, in particular, fail us. 
How in the hell do we, from the generation of "peace, love and understanding" explain this failure to our kids and grandkids?
 Steve in PA still wanting Hillary for President 

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