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More Than Just an Oil Spill 
Never underestimate the Bush bastard's ability to screw things up


The warm, soft winds coming in off the gulf have lost their power to soothe. Anxiety is king now - all along the coast. 

"You canít sleep no more; thatís how bad it is," said John Blanchard, an oyster fisherman whose life has been upended 
by the monstrous oil spill. He shook his head. "My wife and I have got two kids, 2 and 7. We could lose everything weíve 
been working all of our lives for." 

I was standing on a gently rocking oyster boat with Mr. Blanchard and several other veteran fishermen who still seemed 
stunned by the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe. Instead of harvesting oysters, they were out on the water distributing oil 
retention booms and doing whatever else they could to bolster the coastline's meager defenses against the oil making its way 
ominously and relentlessly, like an invading army, toward the areaís delicate and heartbreakingly vulnerable wetlands.

A fisherman named Donny Campo tried to hide his anger with wisecracks, but it didnít work. "They put us out of work, 
and now we're cleaning up their mess," he said. "Yeah, Iím mad. Some of us have been at this for generations. Iím 46 years old 
and my son - he's graduating from high school this week - he was already fishing oysters. Thereís a whole way of life at risk here."...

This is the bitter reality of the American present, a period in which big business has cemented an unholy alliance with 
big government against the interests of ordinary Americans, who, of course, are the great majority of Americans. 
The great majority of Americans no longer matter. Whatever oil gets in will be next to impossible to get out. It gets into 
the soil and the water and the plant life and canít be scraped off the way you might be able to scrape it off of a beach. 
It permeates and undermines the ecosystem in much the same way that big corporations have permeated and 
undermined our political system, with similarly devastating results.

Cheney telling BP that they didn't have to spend that $500K on safety vales is really screwing us now.

Too bad there are so many Democrats in those we-still-love-slavery states that are getting slimed.

When the entire Gulf Coast looks like Detriot, 
when those multi-million dollar beach homes are abandoned, 
when Nawlins seafood becomes a fond memory, 
will the Democrats say, "We tried to warn you?"

Of course not - that wouldn't be nice.

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