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A Word from Mrs Bart

We wanted to avoid the long voting lines on Tuesday so I asked Bart to go with me to vote at the 
Election Board on Saturday. We got there about 11:00 and it looked like there was a party going on.  

Across the street from the building - on all sides - lots of people were carrying Obama signs, 
waving and honking their horns.  There were a few McCain signs.

When we looked closer, we saw the people standing in line to vote. The line went from the building 
down the street half a block, then turned and went back up the side street for a block or more and 
was growing. The line did not appear to be moving at all. The crowd was mostly minorities, young 
people and older folks - some in wheelchairs - but not many in the 30-60 range.

I think voter turnout will be very high so you should probably plan accordingly.  
You might want to build in some extra time if you wait until Tuesday to vote, 
or vote today if you can because it could take hours tomorrow.

Be sure to vote . . . and vote for Obama!
 Mrs. Bart

Reminder: This is baskwards Oklahoma, where McCain is ahead by 37 points.

You know the GOP will sabotage the voting machines in the poor and Black areas of town
causing delays that they hope you'll find too long to wait around to vote.

Meanwhile, the rich white folks will have new machines that work great
so they can vote in 5 minutes or less.


Vote today if you can because the I'm-so-sick-of-Bush lines will be hueueueuge tomorrow.

...and bring your camera to record any GOP dirty tricks.

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