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My Brush with Greatness

Hammer Swinger,
    In 1976 I was a head line cook at the HoJo's in Landover, Md.
The Summer Olympics had just ended and a young boxer from Palmer Park, Md. had won a gold medal!
Because his home was located in one of the poorer neighborhoods in the area, the U.S. Olympic Committee
put him up in our Motor Lodge in order to let the press get acquainted.

I recall hearing that he was in the restaurant eating the breakfast that I'd cooked for him. I had to go out
into the dining area to get a look. I walked over to his table and said, "I've got one question, Man.....How does it feel?"

Wearing his gold olympic choker, he looked at me and smiled a smile that would be even more famous
over the next dozen years. "Great man, just great..thanks for asking", was the reply that Sugar Ray Leonard gave me.
I won a bunch of money betting on that guy throughout the rest of his career including huge money
on the second Duran fight and the Hearns/Hagler wins. Lost a few bets,too, but I never bet against him.
Keep swingin' the Hammer, Bart,
 Jimmy Bones

Jimmy, that was good, thanks.
Back then, 4-5 of us would put in $10 each and catch every Suger Ray fight.

Tyson killed that business with all the first round knockouts.



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