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My Brush with Greatness
 I have had several brushes, if you will.
I used to work for a cinema company in St. Louis.

In that time, I met three Academy Award winners (Yul Brenner, Kevin Kline and Kenny Loggins,)
who also qualifies as a Grammy winner. Other Grammy winners would be George Carlin and John Denver.

You see to a Cardinal fan, so you might recognize Bob Forsch.
Also many other athletes, other famous people as well.

The one thing that they all have in common is that I didn't bother any of the for an autograph.
I know that they are famous and should expect such intrusions, small though they may be.
But to me, they were at my establishment to get away for a while, just like everyone else.

The one exception was Mr. Kline, who was signing for others and actually asked me if I wanted one.
He was attending a private screening of a film called "Cry Freedom". Very underrated.

Anyway he came to the lobby, like he were escaping insanity for a bit.
Asked me to sit and we talked for a few minutes about nothing at all. Very nice man.
  Greg M


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