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My Brush with Greatness

In 1990, I was working in a recording studio in Manhattan, and though I encountered a number of
famous musicians, one encounter stands out especially to me.  I was a general assistant minimum wage
gofer type of person, and one of my duties was to make sure that studio lounges were properly stocked. 

Checking in on an empty lounge during as session, I noticed that in the basket next to the coffee pot, there
were plenty of Equal and Sweet-N-Low packets but there were no regular sugar packets, so I went to get some. 

When I returned, Yoko Ono was sifting through the basket, and when she saw me she asked
"Do you have any regular sugar?" 

As I was carrying some in my hand, I was able to instantly give her some. 
We chatted for a moment about not trusting the chemicals in Equal or Sweet-N-Low.
The Beatles are kind of the alpha and omega for all music for me, and it was cool to have had
this kind of normal interaction with the woman who was the love of John Lennon's life.


Peter, that was good - thanks.


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