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My Brush with Greatness

Hi Bart:

In 1988, I was living in Cleveland, Ohio and Abbie Hoffman came to a small bar in the Flats on
the Cuyahoga River to give a talk. I've been carrying around an original copy of his famous
counterculture handbook titled "Steal This Book" for 17 years so I brought it with me.

After the show, I asked the bartender what Abbie was drinking.
He replied, "Corona," so I got a bottle and brought it to Abbie along with my book to introduce myself.

He saw how dogearred the book was since I'd read it 100 times and he looked deep into my eyes,
smiled, and signed it "Abbie Loves Mary." Tragically, less than a year later he committed suicide.

I treasure that book and his inscription.
 Mary in Bonney Lake, WA


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