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Can you ID today's Mystery Car?


  Send a photo with your guess so we'll know you're right.

 Bart, it's a 1938 Buggati.


 I'm by no means an expert on cars, but I saw that car one time on a slide show somewhere
  Bob in Pa.

 Bob, I believe you are a winner!
 Good job with that.

 Sidebar: In1983, we took our first vacation ever.
 In two weeks, we saw Texas, Colorado, Utah, Las Vegas (first time!) Disneyland,
 Hollywood, Richard Pryor in a Comedy Club, San Francisco - tried to get to Tahoo
 but we didn't have chains and it snowed near Sacramento - so back to San Fran,
 back to LA - where we got a hotel and called NBC about getting tickets for
 The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson.

 They said "First come, first served, be here at 8AM. "
 Somehow, we made it there by 8 AM and got some Stand-By tickets,
 but they said they always have no-shows so we had a good chance.

 At showtime, we were among the last 8 people to get in the studio before they filled up.  
 Funny, same thing happened at Letterman in 2008 - we were the last 5-6 people to get in.

 The guests were Bob & Ray, some Gorbachev pen-pal girl, and the actress from
 Flashdance, Jennifer Beals, showing Johnny how to take a bra off while wearing a blouse.

 OK, OK, I'm getting to it (this is prep for my auto-biography)
  When it was time to drive out of the NBC, Burbank studio parking lot, we waited...

 Sure enough, after just a few minutes, out came this meticulously clean, charcoal grey Mercedes.

(I assume it was someone's job to have Johnny's car spit-polished clean for his ride home.)

 So we tore out after Johnny, chasing him down the street towards the freeway.
 We stopped a a light, and Johnny was one car length behind us on our left.

 We got the attention of the poeple in the car to our left and motioned for them to turn
 around and look.  They did at first, but saw nothing strange, so they looked back at us
 and we were waving harder and pointing behind them with great vigor.

 They looked again and saw Johnny and they started screaming!

 We were never menacing, but we did follow him for a while on the freeway.

 Not sure if Johhny had a car phone (if they had them in 1983, he could afford it)
 but we didn't need any trouble with the police, so we let Johnny go.

 So then alllll those years later, it's in the back issues, might've been 1998, we were
 back in Hollywood - is that the year we went to Johnny Depp's Viper Room!  

 Man, what a dump that was.
 I, personally, have owned two clubs nicer than the Viper Room was in 1998

 Anyway, it was on that trip that we set out to stalk Big-Jaw Jay Leno.
 We didn't see the show (It was Leno, for Christ's sake) but we found
 the Burbank parking lot and drove in it when others were driving out.

 We had to wait longer this time, maybe 20-30 minutes.
 Knowing Big-Jaw has a hundred cars, he could've been driving anything.

 We saw a couple of false alarms - limos coming out - maybe those were the guests...

 Then we saw it... a giant, old car, cherry red, that was from the forties or earlier.

 I'd never seen a Bugatti before - to me, it looked like Batman's first car.
 So we knew it was Leno so we chased him for a while.  I had a camcorder
 and he saw me so he smiled and waved - he was a nicer than we deserved, maybe...

 But that Bugatti - we got close enough to see the rivits.  It's built like an airplane
 - the left and right halves of the car were bolted together with airplane-looking rivits.

 That car looked kinda expensive.

 I hope you enjoyed that bridge to nowhere. 

 Here's another view from Tom B


  It looks like a walrus, wearing a forties-style football helmet.

 Bart, that's a Buggati Atlantic.

I know It’s an Atlantic because I owned a model of one
as a prize I won at work, don’t remember what for though.

You won that car in a contest but you can't remember which contest?

That's not suspicious...



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