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Subject: the N word


I wish I was as lucky as Dave, the guy who's never heard the N word.

Since we sold our house a couple of years ago we've been living and traveling in our motorhome. 
We've met tons of wonderful fellow RVers, many with more money than they know what to do with. 
For example, a number of them already have a huge house or two or three and then, for fun, they have 
a half a million dollar or million dollar luxury motorhome (yes, there are lots of them out there). They also 
normally own property at a number of luxury motorhome resorts where they can hang out and drink and 
party with their friends. Lots which can also run 100-500K. You probably wouldn't be surprised to learn 
that a vast (almost all?) of them are Republicans. They have owned their own businesses (or inherited them) 
and don't like to pay taxes.

So, over the last couple of years we've met a number of wonderful people who've become friends and fellow
travelers. All well and good. As a rule, we don't discuss religion or politics because we're pretty sure that we 
won't have anything in common so why ruin an otherwise nice friendship? Most of them operate the same way.
But more than a few feel more than free to bash Democrats and liberals. I speak up when they bring up the subject 
but my husband gets really uncomfortable because he knows if he talks about it he will lose it so he bites his tongue. 
Last year, during the general election, he was so sick of being in a group of white guys who flung the N word 
around with abandon. One of the wives had switched from being a lifelong Republican and was supporting Obama 
and they would mercilessly torture her with jeers of how we couldn't have a nigger for President, etc.

Another woman I had considered a nice friend came over to visit me one day and told me that she had to get out 
of her rig because her husband was watching a basketball game and she'd had it watching "a bunch of niggers 
running up and down the court". I almost fell out of my chair. It was as if I was at a fine dinner out in public and 
someone referred to another guest as a cocksucker. (Ironically, this same woman was very disapproving of bad 
language!) I told her that in my house, when I was raising a young son, my dad would come to visit and use all kinds 
of bad language and racial slurs. I told him in no uncertain terms that I didn't give a damn what kind of swear words 
he used but that the N word and C word (and their other counterparts) were unacceptable in my house and especially 
in front of my young son. 

I asked her how she thought a black person would feel if she used that word to their face and she said they'd be upset. 
I told her I was upset because I have black friends and fellow colleagues who I consider family. And that I would never 
let someone talk disparagingly about my family or friends - even her. So she stopped using the word but always took the 
opportunity to use other more subtle jabs. Like saying, "Oh, that's mighty white of you." Or seeing two blacks in a crosswalk 
and saying to someone else, "Oh, boy! Two points if we hit them!"

After the election this woman and I were driving into town in her car and she was telling me how another wife 
(an Asian woman) who had been campaigning for McCain, came over to talk because she was so upset that a 
black person had won the election. She was telling my friend how her family had a business in Chicago and the 
blacks were always stealing from them. My friend said, "it's true. They'll steal you blind!" So I snapped and said, 
"Really? So what did Obama steal from her?" She said huh? And I repeated, "What did Obama steal from her?" 
And then I went on a rant about the idiot-in-chief and all the crap he'd done to ruin the country and if she was pissed
Obama won she could thank Bush. Things were so bad that a black person won the election. Imagine that!

Over and over again we've made casual friends who we thought we wonderful people, who, after they got a little too 
comfortable around us, decided to let loose with the N word. Just a couple of days ago, a really nice older couple, 
otherwise very classy and refined (so we thought) were telling us a story about her parents getting transported in a 
wheel chair at the airport. The husband said, "A nigger was pushing them. Let's call a spade a spade!" And he and 
his wife laughed and laughed. I looked at my husband and grimaced. Another friendship on the rocks.

So it's not just stupid Okies and Arkies or whatever who use the N word. Believe me. 
They're everywhere and in every walk of life. It infuriates me that because I'm white 
they feel like they can share their racist bullshit with me. 

I want to know where Dave lives and who he hangs out with. 
I'd like to live in an N-word free zone.

Keep hammering Bart.
Your old pillar,

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