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Subject: serious complaints


As a non-aligned voter, even as I end up voting with the Democratic Party 95% of the time,
I am still finding it amusing watching the party self -destruct in the Hillary-Barack War.

Although you said you would support the eventual Dem candidate, you are rabidly against Obama,

You must be VERY new if you think I'm "rabidly against Obama."
I've never unloaded on him and you ought to know better.

and I really doubt that you would keep your pledge if he does win the nomination. 
In fact, I'll bet you'll have to be on suicide watch if he wins the nomination.

You would lose your money - better keep your wallet in your pants.

As a public service, I challenge you to post both of their resumes and voting records, 
and if you want to preserve the Democratic Party as you claim, then ratchet down 
the anti-Obama rhetoric. 

We have not begun the anti-Obama rhetoric.
You want me to like him as much as you do, and you're feeling insecure.
I feel bad that you're having these problems - how can I help?
Also, I am not blocking their resumes and voting records.

He has a strong chance of being YOUR candidate, so you might want to find a few things 
to like about him    Check these interview with Charlie Rose:


Now, I have great reservations about both HC and BO, and having told you 
my reservations about HC, you blocked my email; 

I don't know who you are, so I doubt I blocked your e-mail.
The spam filter gets a little eager, sometimes.

that's OK, I still find ways to get my message delivered.  I actually bought a DVD to send
you about Ralph Nader, hoping you would watch it with an open mind.  It cost me $20, 
but the day I was to send it, I read your treehouse, and realized I was wasting my effort, 
and sent it to my brother.  I then noticed how surprised you were at Nader's record when
another reader sent it to you. 

How can you hold me resposible for any of that?

You've been slandering the guy for 7 years without knowing ANYTHING about what 
he had done for us, all Americans. 

The more I read of you, the less sense you make.

Nader has been  ...blah, blah, blah, ...Nader is great, ...blah, blah, blah.

Again, I suggest an open examination of both candidates voting records, 
stands on issues and resumes.  You have a web site that could provide 
a service to other Dems (not me, I do the research on my own).

You assume my position needs to be corrected - how omnipotent you must be.
Gosh, I'd give anything to be as smart as you think you are.

By the way, although I generally like Bill Clinton as a person, because his weaknesses 
are mine also, I think your assertion that he was a great president is horseshit. 

Name a better president - go ahead.

<Bart whistles the Jeopardy Theme...>

You can't - that's why I say he was the best.
You're comparing him to some damn existential pony you dreamed up 
and no president could ever live up to your imagination.

He finally did himself in for me when he waved his finger at some 9-11 truthers 
during NH primary day and told them they were nuts, that it was only 19 Arab 
high-jackers who caused the whole attack.

If YOU have proof it was an inside job, we'd all like to see it.
You keep writing things you can't back up.

If we were at a poker table with tons of cash, and each time you said something stupid 
I slammed $100 on the table and said, "Prove it," you'd soon be broke.
Why not stick to what's real?

That is an insult to many more intelligent people than I, and should be to you too. 
Even you say that the 9-11 commission was a whitewash.  I have some direct contact 
to unrevealed/suppressed witness accounts, so I now have no doubt it was an inside job. 

If only the rest of us had your "secret contacts," we'd all know the truth?
Right now you have about 160,000 eyeballs on you and instead of f-ing
saying something, you tell us you have "secret contacts" that can prove everything. 
Yeah, I'm sure you do.

For your hero to declare otherwise just demonstrates what a corrupt insider he is, 
even as Dem and Rethugs alike stabbed him in the back (not me, I got kicked off the
NY Times discussion page for going after the Rethug sleeze). 

Again, if you have some proof, why not share it?

You can find Bill's insults against US on YouTube.  Alex Jones is the best
commentator/investigator for countering that "official" batch of lies.

You mean YOU can't explain it?
Your job is to spew insults, and when asked what you're taking about
you point to Alex Jones and say, "I dunno, but you can always ask him?"

There's a general rule that if YOU don't know what you're talking about
you shouldn't have very, very strong opinions on the subject.

So even as I am "banned" for expressing the truth (a badge of honor) to you, 
I want to leave you with one little knock on the Rethugs, my own realization 
that I give you permission to steal if you want:

Once again, you're not banned unless you're insane Neil from VT.
You're finding paranoia in spam filters - get over yourself.
BTW, thanks for not accusing me of being an agent for the Mossad,

Democratic ex-Presidents and ex-VPs win the Noble Peace Prize. 
Republican ex-Presidents will someday win a Nobel when they award one for Retiree Golf.

Take good care of yourself BC,
 NE Independent

Be sure and write back when you get that "proof" put together...

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