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 Subject: Nancy Grace caused that suicide?

What the fuck kind of stupid, retarded, moronic idiot are you?!

 ha ha

It's nice to meet you, too.

You are joining all these other dumbasses in blaming Nancy Grace for some stupid bitch's suicide?

Sure, why not?
Who should I blame, Tiger Woods?  The Dallas Cowboys?

I hate Nancy Grace. She is a mean, evil, conservative Republican bitch. 

Look - you said something intelligent and true - I'm kinda shocked.

But only a total loser would try to blame her for this woman's suicide. 

I actually published the report more than did the actual accusing.
You see, I wasn't there like you and Naomi Judd were, so I don't have a strong opinion about it.
But if somebody can "cause" a suicide, Nancy Grace would damn sure top the list.

Something tells me if I spent enough time with you I'd consider it, too.

NOBODY kills themselves just because they didn't like the questions somebody asked them on a T.V. show!

Look at Little Miss Absolute - with her Nancy Grace Guarantee! 
Obviously this woman had some serious problems going on in her life.   I think she killed herself 
because she felt guilty because she might have had something to do with her daughter's disappearance. 
Unless this bitch left a suicide note, how the hell do you know the real reason why she killed herself?

Maybe being singled out on national TV as a murderer could unhinge a fragile person?

Nancy Grace is a horrible bitch, but only a moron would blame her for this woman's suicide. 
Nobody can know for sure why people kill themselves.
 Shirley D. Jackson

You seem pretty defensive about this subject.
How many friends and relatives have YOU driven over the brink?.

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