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  Subject: Our Victory, gerrmandering and my experience at the polls   





Hi Bart.  So glad to share with you on our victory today.  Virginia once again went for Obama. 
That was no small feat because the racist state delgates who took over in 2010 were able to rape
and redistrict our region to a point where you couldn't deny it was intentional. 

My district is Mohichan and went for Obama in 2008.  My niece lives a few precincts over in Springwood. 
What happened is that Obama started his main campaign in Manassas last time and ended in Woodbridge. 
Just Saturday he was in the area in Bristow, VA.  All these areas within Prince William County. 

The campaign knows how crucial my precinct is.   Saturday when I went to volunteer, there was a
bus load of union workers coming in to canvass for us.  They sent in lawyers from the national campaign
to observe the voting.  I know this because I opened up my precinct yesterday, planting 35 signs at
Lake Ridge Middle School in the 28 degree temperature and standing out in the cold for 3 hours. 

Well this is how the redistricting fucked us - they divided our precincts between 2 congressional districts.
People didn't even know this when they went out to vote.  Let me tell you about Lake Ridge where I live,
it is a wonderful place that was planned with condos, town houses and single family homes.  The precinct
previously was mostly town homes and condos and went blue in 2008.  Jeff and I who professionally had
run for a seat on the county board shared the duties of precinct captain.  The guy who did Springwoods
was so devoted - a retired government worker living in a small townhouse that I think we had a lot of success. 

This did not go unnoticed. 

Well I stood in line with a couple of nice guys who live in the single family homes, one was a Republican
but I get along with everyone at the polls because we all have our rights.  Anyway, these people didn't even
know they had been moved out of their Congressional District.  This is important because the 1st
Congressional District of Va is mostly in Tidewater, VA very red.  We live in Northern VA so no
Congressman elected down there will ever give a damn about people in Lake Ridge, Va who have
been disenfranchised.  They also increased the size of my precinct it is twice as big so it took almost
2 hours to vote - my niece experienced the same thing.  I am so damn mad about the gerrymandering
here in Prince William County - and talking to people who said, "What do you mean, I can't vote for Gerry? 
(Gerry Connollay D- 11).
My niece's experience was even worse.  She showed up to vote with her voter card which said she was
now in the 1st District, but when she went to vote they said that was a mistake and they had printed out
other cards that said she was in the 11th.  My niece is not that politically invovled and should not have
had to deal with such confusion just to vote.
Prince William County went blue again, in spite of all their efforts!
Hope you will post my vent even though it is very specific to my location. 
They said the two crucial counties in VA were Loudoun and Prince William. 
Both these counties delivered for Obama.
 Nancy May

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