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Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta


Wandering around the Canadian Badlands in the Red Deer River region.

I saw auroras the first night I was here and the second night, the sun dropped below the clouds for just
a few minutes before dipping below the horizon, and produced beautiful red colors - then they were gone.

Writing tonight from Drumheller, Canada's dinosaur capital. Stopped to take a photo today and met a rancher
who collects old Fords and he gave me a tour of his extensive array of vintage cars and trucks, he even has
almost every year and model of Edsel ever made including several convertibles and a woody station wagon.

In some ways this area is similar to Texas, mostly flat with oil wells and large cattle ranches everywhere and
cool looking old ghost towns, it's wide open country with big skies and nearly unlimited panoramic views of
the horizon in all directions.

The locals claim the sunrises, sunsets, thunderstorms, and auroras are all impressive to watch.


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