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Locations of visitors to this page

Maligne Canyon Falls, Jasper Alberta


This place is incredible, imagine if you will, an extremely deep limestone canyon with 200 foot sheer cliff walls
that's so narrow in width in places you could jump across it, plus it's full of ledges, caves, arches and potholes. 

When I first walked down the trail and crossed the foot bridge I looked down and the only thing I could think of
saying was "holy shit!" It's that deep, you can barely see the bottom or the crystal clear water running far down below. 

Me and some other visitors debated the depth, some not believing the sign that says it's 50 meters, so some guys
from Germany dropped small pebbles from the bridge and we timed how long it took for them to hit the water,
3 to 4 seconds.  Good thing they have rails everywhere, if you fell in you'd be a goner for sure. 

Maligne is a French word for "evil" and the story is that many years ago a French Jesuit priest had difficulty fording
the river on his horse and so he decided to call it the evil river.  Tripod shot, ISO 100, f/22, 1 second exposure. - Astrocat


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