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Atigun Pass, Alaska   by Astrocat



Drove through Atigun Pass about 2 a.m. and the midnight sun was illuminating patches of fog rolling in from the north slope. 
The weather up on the slope was crazy and insane, it was snowing with winds 35 to 50 mph.

The winds nearly ripped my canoe off the truck, and made driving extremely difficult,
the truck was weather vaning and weaving all over the place.  Then yesterday, I spent my
57th birthday riding out a storm in my tent in the mountains, the wind broke 2 tent poles! 

Saw lot of people on motorcycles and bicycles, one motorcyclist from California lost control and had to be air lifted
out with a serious head confusion, but today his buddy told me he's going to be okay, two old dudes doing their
bucket list rode their Honda Goldwings from Key West to Deadhorse, how these folks manage to ride with that
brutal unrelenting wind is beyond me. 

Got lot of great photos of birds, wildlife, arctic wildflowers and the midnight sun.  The vast open spaces
and and solitude up there is overwhelming. Strange not having any cellphone, Internet, television, radio or
newspapers for 10 day, but I have some good books to read  :o)

Happy Birfday to Astrocat!


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