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Subject: your problem with religion  

Hey Bart,
Fuck you.  Who the fuck are you to pass judgement on peoples religion? 

Who do I have to be to disagree with insanity?

Only you and 16% of America is sane? 

That number could be high.

You can't beleive in God and be sane? 

True - believing in some invisible cloud being is insane.
I do, however, believe in spelling.

Christians, Buhddists, and Muslims beleive in ghosts and goblins? 

You are correct, Sir.

There is something wrong with beleiving in life after death? 

Yes, that idea is for people who reject science and logic.
If you think you're going to live forever, can I borrow some money?
I'll pay you back in Heaven.

Fuck you, you stupid twit. 

ha ha
What you're missing in brains is made up by your good Christian manners.
I'm sure Jesus is proud of the way you represent Him.

When did science and logic disprove life after death? 

Every minute of every day, son.

The rest of the world (that is laughing at us) isn't religious? 

Other countries have insane people - they just don't elect them to high office.
Only in America can you say, "God told me to run for office so I could
invade that helpless country."
(unless you get into Israel which I don't do.)

Religion makes you fly into skyscrapers? 

Ever hear of 9-11 and the 72 virgins?
I say suicide bombers are crazy - what say you?

How about the CIA and Mossad dupe patsies into frame ups, you stupid asshole. 

Aha, I see you're a victim of that terrible Isareli curse.
Of course the Jews are responsible - they made the blizzards, too.

When are you ever going to realize what really happened on 911 and with all the
other phoney terror plots, that 'muslim radicals' are run by the intelligence agencies
to create the bogey man and keep everybody scared, you idiot.  Wake up. 

Gosh, I wish I was 'wide awake' like you.
Then I could spend my day writing nasty e-mails to strangers.

And please stop whining about how the democrats always give in, and lose,
and dont fight, and if they would only just stand up ... blah blah,

I should stop telling the truth?  You believe in God when you should be
spending your free time reading back issues of

You stupid fuck, you are being played.  Cant you see that?  They are supposed to lose. 
The fucking democrats are as corrupt as the republicans.  At the leadership level, the two
parties are the same, they work for the same bosses, and they stage a theater for you to
give you the appearance that they are in opposition, just like a pro wrestling match.

If it's "just like wrestling," why didn't Linda McMahon win that Connecticut senate seat?

Ok bart cop, got it? Its like pro wrestling, its all staged, they all work
for the same bosses, which is not the people.  wake up
 Nature Clean

I'm printing your e-mail so like-minded loons can connect.

Good luck with your "blame the Jews" club.

I'll pray for you.


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