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Comcast to turn NBC into Teabag Network  


Comcast is fighting its way through a battle to acquire NBC and related assets (including MSNBC) 
without being deemed a monopoly (which they are, and should be barred from owning NBC). 
For a preview of how dangerous it is to have one corporation control access to the Internet and cable TV, 
have a look at their new joint venture: RightNetwork...

When they launch, they'll have lots of content, since they've been embedded with the Tea Party Express 
for its tour across the country. The YouTube channel has video from key tea party locations.

They don't even try to hide it anymore. It's just outright, blatant partisanship and propaganda, 
brought to you by Comcast and the US Chamber of Commerce." 

NBC has been a teabagging network since before there were teabaggers.


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