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Subject: Pot, lungs and science

A recent study indicates that smoking a joint from time to time won't
damage your lungs, even after years of marijuana use.

That's fine, but then they go on to say, "This study shouldn't be
interpreted as marijuana is totally harmless. ... We have an terms of dependence on it."

If the average usage is around one joint per week, why would a
scientist say that people are dependent on it?

In my humble opinion, after smoking pot regularly for 48 years, I can
only say that my lungs are in perfect shape, and my doctor says I am
in perfect health.  The reason I am in perfect health is that I use
cannabis to elevate my mood, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and reduce the
pain of post-herpatic neuralgia.

You don't have to smoke it!  You can eat it in a brownie or a cookie,
and the high lasts longer.

The case for marijuana as a schedule I narcotic is becoming increasingly
difficult to support, and it is jeopardizing the case against truly addictive
and harmful drugs.  It's about time to at least reduce the classification
to schedule II.  It would be far better if they removed cannabis from
the drug schedules and make it legal and regulated like alcohol or tobacco.

What is the real reason behind marijuana persecution?  It's the
persecution of "dirty, long-haired hippies" that started back in the sixties.



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