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Subject: why priests act the way they do  





Hi Bart,

First of all, and most importantly, this message is not an apology or
an excuse for the sexual depravity of Roman Catholic priests.  That
said, I think it is important to know WHY there is a secret society
that victimizes children in the Roman Catholic Church.

It all goes back to first century Rome.  According to James Ballantyne
Hannay's book 'The Rise, Decline and Fall of the Roman Religion,' the
priests of Rome were traditionally brutal.  Today we view priests as
gentle, compassionate human beings.  The Roman priest, before
Christianity, was dressed and had attitudes similar to today's
"skinheads."  Roman priests had absolute liberty to do anything they
wanted.  They were extremely violent.  They epitomized the philosophy
of emperor Vespasian, which was to encourage Romans to be brutal.
Vespasian felt that Romans had become too soft to protect the Empire.
To remedy this he invented the Colosseum.  This monstrous structure
was intended to display the most extreme brutality in order to instill
such behavior in its citizenry.  Roman priests were the public
representatives of this philosophy.

When Rome eventually fell the only thing left was the Roman Catholic
Church, in which the first Popes were Roman emperors.  The Church
became an empire in exile, with all of the secret rules that were
adhered to by the Roman public.  Many of these secrets were formerly
common knowledge in the Roman era.  For example, Roman priests could
rape anyone of any age, whether slave or free, at any time.  They were
encouraged to do this in public or private as they desired.  Today it
is hard to imagine this behavior by a priest.  This is why it is so
hard to accept that priests have been molesting kids since the
beginnings of Christianity, and for centuries before.  The only
difference is that today such behavior is inexcusable and illegal,
whereas in the days before the Church such behavior was commonplace.

So, given this knowledge, it must be understood that the clergy of the
Roman Catholic Church share a dark heritage.  There is evidently a
secret society of sexual libertines existing today in the RCC!  It has
probably been there from the beginning.  It was intended to preserve
the traditions of early Rome, with its Pantheon of gods embodied as
saints, and its view of the Roman male as brutal penetrator.

The problem is that we are now penetrating the veil of secrecy that has been
in place for nearly two thousand years.  It will be next to impossible to
accomplish this without knowledge that is jealously guarded by the papacy of
Rome, no matter who the prelate may be.  Our hearts go out to the thousands
and millions of youngsters who have been abused and murdered by priests. 
We can only hope that the RCC either learns to correct its seriously decadent
priesthood, or dissolves itself in disgrace.

On HBO's Mea Maxima Culpa they offered another explanation:

Remember when Charlie Sheen said he had tiger blood and our whore media
pretended that Charlie really thought he had actual tiger blood running thru his veins?

Everybody but our whore media knew Charlie was using that like a sports metaphor,
because you'd have to be truly insane to believe you had actual tiger blood.

Well, the HBO doc said the priests actually believe the bullshit they sell,
that they actually have the physical power to turn regular wine into Christ's actual blood.
This, they said, gives priests a superiority complex.

After all, if you have the power to create Christ's blood right there in front of everybody
like a goddamn Vegas magician, how could society's rules possibly apply to you?

They also said the priests believe that, since they have the "power" to absolve a sinner
of his sins, that gave them the power of life and death for all eternity, meaning if they
hear your confession and absolve you of sin, you're going to go to Heaven and live an
eternity of happiness but if you DON'T get absolution, you will burn in hell forever
and that's another reason why mere mortal laws don't apply to them.



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