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Subject: news in The Netherlands

Hey Bart,
On the 20.00 h news here in The Netherlands yesterday, they showed a bunch of Republican-financed shouters
harrassing Democratic lawmakers that were arguing the case for the Health Care Reform, the mob screaming their
heads off to prevent any normal discussion about the Reform taking place.

Then they showed some Regurgican-members of Congress claiming that "Obama's health care will force you to
euthanise your elderly parents", and then a statement from that lying religio-nut triple A no-brain Palin claiming that
the Health Care Reform will force people that have a baby on the way with Down syndrome to come before an
"Obama- tribunal" that would decide whether or not the baby would be allowed to be born. She ended her statement
saying that the Health Care Reform is "plain evil."

I felt sick to my stomach from this. Isn't it illegal to knowingly and willingly lie like this? Isn't that called slander?
Couldn't a (civil) lawsuit be filed against these practices and these people? And also, can you, being from Oklahoma,
which from your descriptions I consider a perfect setting to study the life cycle of the Republican species in the wild,
explain how the fuck they develop into such misinformed, self-and-others-damaging individuals?

What do they teach kids at schools there?
Or is this something that people are being taught by their parents / family / peer pressure?

Keep up the great work, in my opinion you and Mr. Obama are the best PR your nation can have,
and it's needed because with stuff like that on the news and remembering the WPE one could think
that Americans are just plain batshit crazy…Thanks!

Bart VDL in The Netherlands

The center of America is full of ignorant people.
I have this theory:  People who live in Seattle, Portland, San Fran, LA, Boston, New York, Miami etc
have seen and met people from other countries and cultures.  They are more accepting of Blacks, gays,
foreigners etc but that open-minded attitude never made it as far inland as Oklahoma or Kansas.

Obama was right in the campaign when he said middle America tends to stick with guns and God.
The reason is they are scared and they need someone to hold their hand and say, "It'll be all right."

These ignorant, racist bigots are usually nice people - if you're white.
But their minds are closed and anyone who tries to educate them is considered evil.

The worst part is they're so proud that they're stupid.
They ridicule places like New York, if you can believe that.

Each election, they run Rethug commercials here saying,
"We're not like New York - we have Oklahoma values," which means "Screw the niggers."

Bush and Palin are perfect examples - they are extremely proud of their ignorance.
Bush used to brag, "I make decisions by the seat-of-my-pants," which is probably a confusing phrase
to you but it means, "Fuck education, I make decisions based on my feelings" and that's how America fell.

McCain is another one. He's from the Grand Canyon state, Arizona.
Everyone with a brain knows the Grand Canyon is like 17 millions years old.

McCain knows this, but to get endorsed by the religiously insane, he started saying,
"The Grand Canyon is only 3,000 years old and back then people rode dinosaurs to church."

In America, to win the Rethug primaries, you have to either be super-stupid or act super-stupid.
These are the people who are outraged at "that illegal Kenyan" in the White House.

How could a once-great country surrender to religious insanity?

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