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Locations of visitors to this page

New York/Mid-town Manhattan Questions

1. Who's got the best pizza?

2. On Law & Order, McCoy is often seen walking down the courthouse steps.
    What's the address of that building and is that the same building where they
    shot Barzini in The Godfather?

3. Where is the building pictured on Physical Grafitti?

4. Where can we get some real Italian food? 
     I know you'll say "Little Italy," but which restaurant?

5. Any good tequila bars in Mid-town Manhattan?

6. Where is the building Jon Stewart shoots in?

7. Is there such a thing as good Mexican food in Mid-town?

8. We'd like to go to Central Park - what's the best part, what's fun to do there,
    and what mistake do we want to avoid?  No, we won't go at night :)

9. In 2001, we saw the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center,
    rode the Staten Island Ferry, etc, so what 3-4 things must we do
    while we're there - because this could be our last NY visit.

10. Is the restaurant where Michael shot the police captain and Solottzo a real restaurant?
      Isn't it in the Bronx?

11. What's a good cruise around Manhattan Island?  Any suggestions?

12. Can a fella get a good steak without spending $100 a plate?

13. Where is "Scores?" :)

What am I forgetting to ask?

I'll have the laptop with me, so send your suggestions
even if you're reading this Monday or Tuesday.

    Send e-mail to Bart

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