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Subject: Mike's Recession Fest 2010 trip report 

Recession Fest was for me was too short of a really good time.  
But an early riser flying in from the east with the three hour time difference has a biological disadvantage. 
ĎCause I got tired early.  Nine oíclock in Vegas midnight back home.  If I do one of these again (and Iíd love to) 
Iím gonna acclimate my ass to Pacific time for a week before going.  Live and learn, eh?  

Meeting up with people you donít know can be for me at least, kinda scary.  I deal with people all the time, 
working in a grocery store at the full service meat counter.  We give people what they want wrapped in white 
butcher paper.  I say, ďMay I help you?Ē maybe a hundred times a day.  But these are relatively short interactions.  
Vastly different than hanging out with people youíve never met for who knows how long.  But once I finally met you 
and the gang, Bart, within a minute or two all that anxiety disappeared, because it was all for nothing.  What a great 
group of people.  I was at ease, in  a good mood, already down sixty bucks playing the f-king slots, meeting people 
who all share a common bond.  

And then I lost another fifty bucks, coming in fourth, at the Monday afternoon sitínígo, one away from the money, 
and still had a great time. And I laughed when I saw myself in the mirror later - wearing my Bobby Orr No.4 shirt.  
I laughed for about a minute. Later on with my last $20 bill Iíd allotted myself to lose, I hit a poker machine that 
cashed me out seventy bucks so I lost a hundred and thirty instead of two hundred.  

Pinball was awesome.  I hope you have pix to post of that place because it was like a treasure room of childhood 
and youth memories.  I love really old-style pinball games.  Will Cheesy Americana will someday be seen as fine art? 
I hope so.

Up in your room, drinking some of godís Nectar, The Chinaco, was like the whipped cream and cherry on the 
chocolate sundae, man.  I hadnít had any in a couple of years or so.  It was a happy time gathering up there.  

How Ďbout Aruba next time?  Or Jamaica?  Ya, mon.

I hope itís not too too long till the next fest, Bart.  
I think Iím already looking forward to it.  
Thank you for the work you do.  Keep aí swinginí!
Best to you and Mrs. Bart.  
 Mike from New Hampshire

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