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Subject: counter rebuttal on the N-word

Bart, I never hear the N-word spoken. Never.

You're in eastern Tennessee and you never hear it?
Tennessee, where Gore couldn't carry his own state because it was so red?

If you're Black, it would figure they don't use it around you
but I look like an Old white Okie Republican and I hear it all the time.

Go in a muffler shop and ask the mechanic what he thinks about Obama.
He's likely to say, "We don't need no niggers in the White House."
At least that's Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri, the places where I've lived.
You say they don't speak that way in eastern Tennessee?

Now there are racists around, no question about that.
In spite of your hateful response I never suggested that there was no racism.

Oh, but you did and my response was not hateful. It was educative.
If they don't use that word in eastern Tennessee it's because they want to be sure to show 
Obama the proper respect.   How can you have respect and racism at the same time?  
You can't.

But I never hear that word.

I never hear Mandarin Chinese, but a lot of people speak it.

And I don't believe it is used by elected Republican members of the House or Senate.
And like I said before, you are simply claiming they use it with no proof for your claim.
Name one example where you know for a fact that it has been used by a sitting Senator
or Member of the House. Just one example.

I admit, I've never been in a room with sitting United States House members and senators
when they were privately and frankly discussing Obama's race amongst themselves.

Are you happy now?

The C word I was suggesting for your use is also short for raccoon. Okay?
You ask why you would want to use the J word, and yes you did figure that one out correctly,
when no one uses it anymore. 

They use "nigger" because coon, jigaboo and poopyhead are words redneck children use.

Well do you actually hear people use the N word.  Where?
What kind of people do you associate with that you would hear it?

Okies, obviously.

I swear on my life that I can't remember the last time I heard it used except on TV or a movie.
Certainly no one I am around says it and if they did I would not be around them for long.

Dave, do you really think you're going to win this debate?

But maybe you have a point. Maybe all the rednecks in Tennessee have too much respect for 
the office of the presidency or for Obama, the man, to use it.  See how crazy that sounds?

Those screaming, knuckledragging handjobs ALWAYS show Obama the proper respect
when talking about him because, after all, we're all God's children - right?

Is you crazy?

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