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Subject: There will be no election


There will be no election. War Powers act. Or some other smoke screen. 

This "economic crisis" is just the beginning of what will end up being "no election for you". 
I bet my friend a quarter that there will be no election. But don't forget Bart, nobody elected 
the BFEE. They stole it. BOTH times. You know that. Do I fear that they could steal it again? 

Yes, of course. The bastards are not above anything. 
I don't think anyone in history has given up so much power voluntarily. 

The Army is actively deployed and the jails are built. Dissent will be terror and we are in 
for a world of shit my man. It's the only explanation for this circus that is the republicant ticket

They KNOW that there will be no election. I am not the post apocalyptic survivor I like to think I am. 
I'm just a middle aged schlub with ONE handgun and no hope. BTW, MY IQ is 140. 

The first wave of casualties will be with the local police forces. Then Blackwater moves in. 
They answer to NOBODY. I have friends that think they can hold 'em off. 

Well, I tell 'em that Blackwater will be rolling down your street with 50 cals. on apc's. 
They will be able to blow your house away around your sorry, under-armed self. Or just take you out.
I know there's a lot of guns out there, but how many of us have heavy artillery? 

I'm reserved to the fact that I'm going out blasting away in the first wave. 
I hope I am wrong, but I don't think I am. So IF there is an election, I say Obama in a landslide. 
Koresh willing. I don't hold out much hope though, and I fear for my young nieces and nephews. 

WE (my s.o. and I) decided MANY years ago to NOT bring children into this sick, sad world.
I'm glad we made that decision. I used to say "It's a sick world and I'm a happy man". 
Now, not so much. We are doomed my man.
Keep Hammering away anyway, I am, everyday.
Still stuck in Mass.

Jim, hang in there - we're not doomed yet.
Maybe people are sick enough of Bush that they'll vote for the smart candidate.  

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