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Subject: No joy from Hillary for Bart?

Obviously, I'm not a mind-reader and can't ever actually know why the Clinton campaign 
did business the way they did.  However, the best sense I can make of it is this:  Why would 
they pay money to websites they already have in their pocket?  As far as whether your loyalty 
will be appreciated, well, it didn't translate into a Clinton win, so I'm going to guess not.

If KOS polls can be trusted (Should I finish this sentence?) less than two percent of Kossacks 
liked Hillary, so why give super-rich KOS $50,000 or more to try to sway them? 
Hillary spent maybe $220M and - as far as I know - super-rich KOS was the only 
online recipient of Hillary cash. On the surface, that makes no sense.  

But I could be wrong - we'll never know..  That's a shame, because I saw how badly you got 
beaten up for supporting her, and everybody who know you knows that all you wanted, 
in the end, was to take the country back from the BFEE.

As an Obama supporter and Bartcop reader since 2001, it's clear to me that your avid support 
for Sen. Clinton is consistent with the passion you brought to the fight against Bush.  We had 
divergent views on which candidate would best serve our interests, but our end goal is the same.  
I feel confident that most of the rest of your readership will come back around, despite the lack 
of support you're getting from the Clinton camp.  We're in this together, now.


Darrell, thanks for that.

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