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Subject: Norm Coleman - womanizer

Norm Coleman is a notorious womanizer. One day back when he was running for Governor,  
he was the guest on one of our local public radio station call in shows. Somehow, somebody got thru 
the screeners and gave Norm a tongue lashing for the way he treated a server at a local restaurant. 
The caller had the date, time and the other people with whom Norm was eating. The caller provided 
sordid details and asked how Norm could bring back honesty and decency to the state of MN. 

Stunned silence. Even the normally savvy host was caught off guard.  I think they danced around 
the issue and never really answered the question.

We also knew Norm was running for the Senate when, as a friend of mine so eloquently put it, 
"...the ring was back on." Everybody around here knows Norm wanted to be Governor. 
But when Bush came calling and said run for the Senate, like the lap dog whore that he is, 
Norm decided to run for the Senate. Spineless. Also, at a campaign fund raiser that we as 
taxpayers paid for where Bush was to talk about his education agenda, every GOP member 
of MN congressional delegation was invited. Not one Democrat was there to listen to Bush 
talk about the war on terra. I believe he gave lip service to education that day but I may be wrong; 
he could have ignored it completely.

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