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Subject: North Korea





Let me jump in here with a few words about the North Korean Sabre rattling.
First, I get and read the Air Force Magazine every month. This month their Editorial
was about North Korea, so I will quote some of it here.
They state that The DPRK has a million men under arms. That the US has 28,000 troops,
of which 8,000 are airmen. Also, the DPRK has a failed economy and ratchets up tensions
when it seeks concessions such as food aid from the international community, or to rally its
people around its leadership.
That from Osan Air Base , south of Seoul, it is just a 15-minute flight to Pyongyang, North Korea.
"If the North chose to invade, it would lose the war. The DPRK has numerical advantages, but its
conventional capabilities are slowly fading while ROK and US capabilities grow ever greater".
"In the event of a North Korean invasion, US aircraft out of Japan, Guam, Alaska, and elsewhere
would quickly augment the American forces. The ROK has hundreds of advanced fighters of its own.
This combined air force would devastate advancing DPRK troops and would immediately take the fight north".
"A DPRK invasion would end North Korea's Kim dynasty-and for all its bluster and skirmishing,
survival is what matters most to the regime".
I find no fault in their reasoning and since they have access to much more information than I do,
they can reach conclusions from their sources that would be hard for me to reach.
Thank you for letting me in here.
 David in Harbor City, CA.

They say IF North comes south, we will certainly win that war.
The question is how many of those 28,000 Americans will we lose while winning?
I don't want 9-11 to be the second-biggest loss of American life in one day.

They say North is getting ready to launch a missle any time now.

Will our military let that missle climb?
They can damn sure reach Japan with their nukes, (assuming Obama isn't Bush.)

Can we afford to take the chance that Kim isn't crazy enough to attack?


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