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Subject: North Korea and Iran vs propaganda





Hi Bart,
I was sad to see your echoing the narrative Americans hear daily regarding the North Korean bellicose posture.

I think you just said crazy people with nukes can't be a problem.
Can I get someone to explain how that works?

The reason NK is so uppity is their borders have been challenged by massive military exercises. 
These live fire wargames are a mere step from actual invasion.  The Pentagon has battle plans for actual invasions
that sit one classified folder away from implementation during these movements of hardware and fighters.

What would America want with a country of starving slaves and no natural resources?
Who in their right mind would invade Hell?

What is a sovereign nation supposed to do? 
This provocation by US warmongers is entirely ignored by the press, and thus reasonable folks just buy
the line of bullshit they give us that Kim Jong Whatever is crazy and wants to be flattened by "our boys".

Haven't these "war games" been going on for fifty years?
And do you really want the "He's not crazy" side of this debate?

Same goes for Iran.  Americans just "know" that all those Mooselims over "there" are crazy jihadist killers
who hate America and want all of us dead.  Nobody recognizes that Iran signed the nuclear non proliferation
agreement and has no infrastructure in place to; produce the densest metal possible, then machine plutonium
into a shape conducive to triggering a nuclear explosion.  Iran has made no political commitment to establish
such capability, has not funded it, and this project is impossible to do in secret.

Are you saying Iran is spending a billion dollars to develope nuclear capability that cannot work?
Nuclear deterrents worked with Russia dnd China because they weren't religious.
They have no "Martyr's Heaven" to go to after the war, so they behaved rationally.
But M.A.D. doesn't work with the religiously insane.

All we ever hear is bullshit about centrifuges those crazy Islamists have AND THEY WANT US DEAD!

Iranians are not crazy, they are still by and large the same people of Persia of ancient history. 
You don't survive that long and be the crazy people who want to wipe Israel off the map.

Iran invaded our embassy and kidnapped our diplomats.
Please don't tell me they're a normal nation, just like every other country.

But we cannot help but believe what we are told, schools carefully erase any critical thought processes
from students and replace that drive with the acceptance of the Authority and obey what they say. 
It is exceedingly difficult to realize that everything you were told is a lie, so we attack anyone who demonstrates otherwise.

Even for folks like us who caught a glimpse of the man behind the curtain, it is difficult to see our programming in action.

We still have a crazy man with nukes in Korea and an about-to-have-nukes regime in Iran.

Bush and Cheney cried "Wolf" - that's true,
but that doesn't mean there are no wolves.

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