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Subject: Not all Repubs are Monkeys

I have been visiting your site for the better part of a decade, and I finally decided
to ask a question that has been lingering since the first time I read you.

Is everyone who disagrees with you politically a bigot?

Of course not - why would you ask that?

It seems as though those who dissent from your positions are invariably accused
of being motivated by racism/sexism/homophobia/Islamophobia/xenophobia.

It may seem that way but that's not the case.
If you, for instance, don't like Obama, I'll bet you can list some reasons why.

But the insane-with-rage crowd who can't explain why they're angry?
Since they can't explain themselves we are left to guess what the real problem is
and I think the FACT that the GOP has no elected Blacks is the answer.
Republicans use racism and homophobia as political weapons.

Why do you think Reagan began his run for the White House in Philadelphia, Mississppi?
Besides racism, what possible explanation could there be for a California governor
to announce his run for theWhite House at a famous Mississppi lynching site?

Poppy Bush ran on "If Dukakis wins, Willie Horton will rape your daughter."

Why do you think Bush ran against gay marriage - both times?

Nixon popularized the "Southern strategy," meaning if you appeal to the racists, you can win.

You and your party should stop the hate and develope some substantive issues.
If you can't win without race hate and gay hate, maybe you don't deserve to win.. 

It must be reassuring to know your positions are so virtuous that disagreeing with you connotes malevolence.

It's reasuring to know I've been doing this for 14 years and nobody's been able to prove me wrong.
I always print the disagree mail because the agree mail is pointless.
Getting a rational letter from a Republican is almost unheard of.
You're doing a great job so far.

But since everyone who deviates from the party line is a Klansman at heart,
why is membership in the KKK microscopic?

You're asking ME why your party won't vote for a Black candidate?
I've already given the obvious answer but you choose to disagree.

I am a poorly educated woman of peasant stock, so I am trusting you to enlighten me.

That may be the first lie you've told :)
Your spelling and sentence structure is hardly that of a Monkey mailer.
Notice I didn't put up the Monkey Mail sign?

One other thing...during the primaries, many liberals (not you) accused Hillary of being racist,
but as soon as she became Obama's Secretary Of State the accusations stopped.

That was a bullshit charge.  The Clintons' approval with Blacks was in the 80% range,
so calling either of them racists was pure hooey spewed by non-thinking Leftists.
Your party refuses to vote for Blacks and the reason is clearer than Lake Concha
so Republicans have earned their racist title.

Can those of us who didn't support Obama rid ourselves of the seemingly indelible
stain of racism just by getting a gig with the federal government?

I have determined you have no future in comedy.

If so, I am hereby making myself available to become Postmaster General or Ambassador to
Antarctica or some other meaningless job where a right wing nut like myself can do minimal damage.
 Ms Reagan

I assume there's no relation?

I would not call you a racist because you have not used any racist words.
I don't think you can quote me saying ALL Republicans are racists,
but it ids a party run by racists and you need to help them change.

Your party does not tolerate Blacks - if you did, one of them would win an election.
Clearly, your party looks at a candidate's color and if he/she is Black, they lose.

Maybe you guys should work on that.`

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