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It's not Obama's Fault

Something popped into my head Saturday.

The media fawns over Obama the way they fawn over Tiger Woods.
It didn't hit me until Saturday when I saw some Obama news back-to-back
with some news about Mr. Perfect, Tiger Woo   .

In golf, the entirety of every story is about how things are for Tiger.
People don't want to know who's winning, they want to know how Tiger's doing.
It's the same way with the whore media - it's all about Obama.

We've seen headlines like "Hillary loses California," even tho she won, and 
"Obama Takes Washington State!"

Obama got on my bad side and it wasn't even his fault.

He's certainly not going to tell the media to stop giving him
tens of millions of dollars of dollars worth of  "He's our hero!" press.

Did you see Obama's campaign manager, Wolf the Whore Friday afternoon?

"Bill Clinton has admitted he crossed the line with his racial attacks on Obama.
 He now knows what he did wrong, let's go to the tape," and they go to the tape
and Clinton says, "I have to watch what I say because the whore media distorts
what I say and they make it all about me and this is Hillary's campaign."

Does that sound like Clinton apologizing for a racial slur?

Will Obama make Wolf Blitzer his Press Secretary?

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