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Subject: not sure I can vote for Hillary

Bart, last week I got angry with her.  It was over the events of the "Ken Starr" comparison.
Comparisons to Bush, Rove and now Starr are the most disgusting things I've seen one Democrat do to another.

Personal attacks on Hillary will be seen by some as "Starr-ish."
Asking repeatedly, "What's Hillary hiding?" reminds some people of 1998 and 1999.

Ken Starr tracked down every friend the Clintons ever had and threatened them with
dying in prison if they didn't give up some trash about the Clintons - and came up empty.

Plus, Obama has compared her to warmongers Bush & McCain.  And a day doesn't go by
when some Obama fan calls Hillary tactics "Rovian" so why is it only wrong on her side?

Both sides are attacking each other with varying degerees of honesty and intensity.
If you're an Obama fan, you'll see every word from her as "nasty," and vice versa.
I'm going to vote for the Democrat in November - will you?

Comparing Obama's win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson's, rather than Kerry or Gore (or his own),
he was trying to portray Barack as the black candidate.  IOW, he played the race card and got called on it.

I still don't get it - "he was trying to portray Barack as the black candidate."
He is black - isn't that why he won Carolina?
Because 90 percent of the blacks there voted for him?
Why is it racial to state the facts?

I'll finish with one question to you--if Hillary goes into the convention behind in both regular
and super delegates, shouldn't she step aside and let Obama take the nomination?

If the goal is for Obama to win the nomination, yes.
If the goal is to beat McCain in November, I'd say no.

Today's ugliness is NOTHING compared to what tomorrow's GOP slime machine will do to Obama.
They'll say "Hussein is the unknown Muslim with a dark agenda" and they'll run this constantly.

Then Cheney will set off a bomb in New York and scared ninnies will vote McCain "to save America."
It's evil and expensive to say "I think Hillary has a better chance," but I think what I think.

Only YOU could have a civil debate with those of opposing view. You sometimes
actually change your mind and I think cause others to remain open-minded, too..

Thanks for that.

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