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Subject: Re Ahmadinejad "kidding" about nuking Israel

Bart, you wrote, 

> "So, Ahmahandjob is just kidding when he says he wants to nuke Israel?"
I know you're busy, so I can understand how you could have missed the following 
in the article you linked to:
As George Bush defended his Iraq policies last month, he reminded us yet again of the menace
Iran supposedly poses: it is "threatening to wipe Israel off the map."
This myth has been endlessly recycled since a translating error  was made of a speech Ahmadinejad 
delivered nearly two years ago. Farsi experts have verified that the Iranian president, far from threatening 
to destroy Israel, was quoting from an earlier speech by the late Ayatollah Khomeini in which he reassured 
supporters of the Palestinians that "the Zionist regime in Jerusalem" would "vanish from the page of time."
He was not threatening to exterminate Jews or even Israel. He was comparing Israel's occupation of the 
Palestinians with other illegitimate systems of rule whose time had passed, including the Shahs who once ruled 
Iran, apartheid South Africa and the Soviet empire. Nonetheless, this erroneous translation has survived and 
prospered because Israel and her supporters have exploited it for their own crude propaganda purposes.
In other words, the claim that Ahmadinejad threatened to nuke Israel is about as truthful as the claim that 
Gore said he invented the Internet.  However, that lie has proven extremely useful to AIPAC which is 
working feverishly to maneuver America into a war with Iran just as IT (not Big Oil ) maneuvered 
America -- with lies -- into the Iraq mess.
Keep hammerin' -- but hammer the right people.  (Or do you dare?)

Eric, it sounds like you're saying Iran has no hostiliities towards Israel, 
and this all boils down to a simple translation error - if so, I disagree.

I remember these religiously-insane handjobs back in 1979 and 1980 - thousands of them -
walking the streets, beating themselves bloody with chains screaming, "Death to the Great Satan,"
which on even numbered days was America and Israel got the odd numbered days.

Are you really in a position to give me your Nancy Grace Guarantee that Israel
would have nothing to worry about once Iran acquires nuclear weapons?

The problem we both have is having to depend on known liars and whores for our news.

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