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Subject: Balance, please  

In the spirit of balance and counterpoint, I hope you will include the attached toon (from the SF Chronicle) in your blog.

Bart, you helped many of us through the dark time of Dubya, as we stood united against a common enemy,
and for that I thank you.  But the 24/7 anti-Obama ranting of BartCop is a real downer, and unfair to boot. 

True, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week I'm asking Obama to wake up, come to work and turn his mess around.
I'm trying to get him to wake the hell up and he's 15 months into his nap while our house is burning.

He's not the villain!  He's also not Clinton, and that's both good and bad. 
He has different strengths and weaknesses, and tactics. 

True, Clinton was a fighter and Obama just wants everyone to get along. Right now, we need a fighter
more than we've ever needed one. Obama's governing style has brought him nothing but kicked-in teeth

and a smaller army and his army is shrinking with every passing day.

He has also achieved more, legislatively, than any president in recent history (don't take my word for it
--read Rolling Stone magazine, and others), with the help of Nancy Pelosi (who has also graced BartCop
in tutu, if I remember correctly).  He may not be the shrewdest politician ever, but look at what he's accomplished!

You're kidding, right?
You can make a list of his great accomplishments, but even if that list is a mile long,
how does it matter when he's down 30 points with Independents?

Obama is on the road to disaster - could it be more obvious?
Even if he's doing everything super-great, if the public hates him we're in deep trouble.
The Republicans are rolling over Obama like a freight train - that has to stop.
So I find the constant bashing of Obama (e.g., "why can't he learn") to be presumptuous (it sounds like
what you criticized Robert Parry for, i.e., mindreading), counterproductive, and pathetically nostalgic for
a Clinton era that had its share of disappointments.  And did not produce health care reform.

Katie, you do a terrible injustice to Obama by comparing him to Bill Clinton.
Clinton has two Superbowl rings where Obama is struggling to get a first down.

If Obama's alleged learning disability isn't the answer, what is?
I'll entertain any theory you have besides, "He's doing a great job."
We live in a country that elected or almost elected the embodiment of gross ineptitude and corruption
not once, but twice.  Obama is president of those dummies, too, not just smart people like you and me
(you can just stop pretending your IQ is under 100, BartCop--you don't fool me for a minute). 

We are in the midst of the worst economic time since the Great Depression, and embroiled in two
unwinnable wars.  Climate change threatens disaster of cataclysmic proportions.  The opposition party
thinks it's ok to risk nuclear holocaust just to get ahead politically.  Our President Obama is smart and
fighting for all the right things, against great odds.  Can't BartCop cut him some slack once in a while,
and give praise where praise is due?
 Katie T, San Francisco Democrat

What I'm hearing is "Please stop listing the facts and tell us Obama is a winner."

The facts are Obama is HATED by almost half the country and MOST Democrats have lost their faith.
A third of the GOP think he's a Muslim and a fourth think he's been sent by al Qaeda to destroy America.

You can say "That's a shame" or "He doesn't deserve that," but facts are facts.

No matter what my opinion is or your opinion, Democrats are losing ground every day.

If Obama doesn't change soon and drastically, he will almost certainly be impeached
and we'll probably have President Palin for the next eight years.

I'm working to prevent that and I ask you to join me.

What's YOUR opinion, reader?
Should Obama be told to wake up and come to work?
Should we urge him to fight harder or to reach out to the GOP more often?
Should Obama be a enemy or a friend to the Bitch and the Boner?
Should we be cheering the president on or shaking him awake, trying to get him to join the battle?

Here's my opinion on that, Bart!

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