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Subject:  Obama assassinations

Hi Bart,

Well, obviously my point is clear enough that another reader gave the same rationale.
Now you say the problem with both our points is that we don't offer an alternative.
You're a bit obtuse - the alternative is to follow the law, meaning as stated in the constitution,
the government can't deprive citizens their lives without due process.

Follow the law?
When a shooter on campus goes on a rampage, you want the cops to get out the law books
and start a debate to argue over the most legal way to send the son of a bitch to hell?

I say shoot the bastard, THEN we can argue about what to do better next time.

In the Alwaki case, it would mean Obama presents evidence of Alwaki's probable guilt
to a judge or grand jury, and if that evidence is compelling, a warrant is issued for his arrest,


How many airliners are you willing to let go down while that paperwork goes thru?

Seriously, I'd like a number.
FIVE airlines?  That's what, 1500 innocent Americans?
Twenty airliners is about 6,000 people - are we getting close to stopping the bad guys?

...and then since we were able to find him easily enough to shoot a missile from a drone to kill him,
we instead send in agents/military to arrest him.

If al qaeda is in six different countries, invade all six?

Then, since he was a citizen, he gets a trial - just
as every citizen is guaranteed one by the constitution.
This alternative would also not involve the
assassination of Alwaki's teen son and his cousin.

So, you'd sacrifice those 1500-6000 Americans so save Alwaki's possibly-innocent cousin and son?
If so, you and I have different ideas about justice and common sense.

Alwaki wasn't a mad-bomber as you imply. He wasn't an al qaeda soldier of any sort. There hasn't
been any claim that he committed any sort of hostility against anyone whatsoever. He gave speeches
and wrote stuff that was anti-US and pro-al qaeda. That is all this US citizen did, and if you have any
information that counters this essential point, by all means, enlighten us.

No, I'm not going to spend the next month going over the same arguments.
Your mind is made up and nothing can change it.

If you think Obama is killing people for sport, or on a whim,
then I suggest you find a candidate as pure as you and back him.

Your cop shooting a criminal analogy simply doesn't apply.
The conservative miranda for enemy combatants argument doesn't apply.

A bullet is the same as a bomb if you're dead.

I know you must be a bit ego-involved by now, so you don't want to admit your assumptions
are wrong, but seriously, how can you support extra-judicial assassination of citizens?

Yeah, right, my massive ego prevents me from being a wimp on saving lives.
If only I was as smart, as kind and as considerate as you...

I tried, but my ego wouldn't let me.

Clearly, when some handjob starts shooting at you and I, YOU want to look for ways to be fair
to the shooter while *I* am busy trying to kill him.  You and I are different people.

You trust
Obama with this awesome power? Did you trust him when...  <snippage>

I don't have time to argue this until the mountains fall to the sea.
We disagree, so let's admit we're not going to change each others' minds.

Thanks, Bart - I hope future presidents don't have issues with what you write or say.

Joe, I'm glad you're not in charge of defending America.


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