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Subject: the case againast Obama


Obama has major problems as a candidate, which is why he's going to lose come November. 

One: He has no track record to speak of. 
There is no singular issue where he can point to and claim ownership. McCain and Hillary, however, 
are totally known quantities the American public knows (or thinks it know) and are comfortable with. 
Since Hillary is considered NOT AN OPTION, even though the Super-Delegates still have time to 
avert the train wreck the Democratic Party poobahs are leading us to, that leaves McCain as the known 
commodity. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

Two: He has shown he doesn't have the courage of his convictions, changing position at the drop of a hat, 
often in agreement with the GOP position. (FISA anyone?) As such, by coming across as Republican-lite 
at times. he makes it easier for centrist voters to pull the lever for McCain. After all, if the choice is perceived 
as voting for either a Republican candidate and a Republican-lite candidate, Americans have always shown 
a preference for the real deal.

Three (and this is a biggie): He has done absolutely nothing to make Clinton voters, especially women, 
to feel welcome under his tent. Given the chance time after time to show what a great unifier he is, 
he does exactly the opposite, thus making both Clinton supporters, especially women, feel more inclined 
to vote McCain, who has made it quite clear he values these voters more.

Four: Black America is starting to suspect he may not be there for them when it counts.

Five: Unlike Hillary, mainstream Dems don't perceive him as a fighter for their interests. Those states 
where he lost to Hillary big time? He didn't lose them because of skin color, he lost them because he was 
perceived as the weaker, less experienced of the two candidates. As such, even if one doesn't like McCain's 
positions on the issues, there is no comparison when matching up Obama's resume to his. McCain is a 
bona fide American hero in the public's eyes, whereas they don't have a clue who Obama really is or how 
others have benefitted from his actions.

Six (probably the biggest elephant of all): Seniors don't trust him. Not one bit. And as probably he most 
coveted voting bloc, they're more inclined to vote overall for McCain than Obama, as they perceive 
(rightly or wrongly) Obama the bigger threat to their interests. This is called the chickens coming home to roost, 
as Obama has made it clear he values his new coalition over traditional Dems. Seniors have heard this time 
and time again and will vote accordingly.

So, to sum up, the Democratic establishment bet the farm on the worst possible candidate to represent 
them in a year when they (supposedly) have everything going for them.

Obama's only hope is nominating Hillary as his VP, as that is the ONLY thing he can do to energize the base.
By selecting anyone else, he risks alienating the base even more (if that's even possible) and in effect seals 
his eventual doom.

I get where you're coming from, that voting anyone with a 'D' after their name is better than voting for 
someone whose name is followed by an 'R', but as the voters of Connecticut have learned from having 
Joe Lieberman as their Senator, that ain't necessarily the case.

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