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Subject: the Obama/Wes Clark mess

Bart, I had just decided the past few weeks that Obama might be OK. 
He seemed to be fighting back when necessary, and responding properly to the attacks. 

Then came this Gen. Wesley Clark thing - Could Obama (and Clark) have responded any worse? 
The whore media obviously took the statement out of context, and tried to paraphrase Clark as saying 
that McSame's military service does not qualify him for the presidency. 

It seemed (to me) like an easy way for Obama to show EXACTLY how the whores turn things around, 
and a slam-dunk way to focus on media bias. It was ONE damned line, and Obama could have showed 
what Clark actually SAID, compared with what the whores CLAIMED he said. 

But NO...what does he do? 
Announces through his campaign spokesman that Obama 'rejects the statements' made by Clark. 

And then Wesley Clark was on MSGOP last night (whatever show comes on after Olbermann), 
and he fumbled the trumped-up question numerous times.  They kept asking him if he stood by his 
statement, and Wesley Clark kept dancing around it, and doing some type of lawyer-speak about 
how he admired McSame.  WTF?

Geez - All Clark had to do was say 'Of COURSE I stand by my statements.    I said that being
a prisoner-of-war does not automatically mean you are qualified to be president...period. 
What I don't stand by is the twisting of my words, as you right-wing mouthpieces have done...
Who pays you to do the bidding for the Republicans, anyway?'. 

What would have been so damn hard about that? 

Is Obama distancing himself because Clark was a Clinton supporter? 
Or did he really just hand those sons-of-bitches another Swift Boat gift? 

This one was an easy touchdown, and he fumbled the damn ball. 
Do they need you and me on a campaign response hotline or something? 
I hoped (and expected) that Clark would be his VP nominee, 
but now I'm afraid Obama will cave and not choose him.

Am I too worried about this?
Take care,

This isn't a huge deal - after November nobody will remember it, but you're right.
I was a great chance to rub the media whore's nose in their own crap and both men failed to.

McCain was the winner on this one because he twisted what they each said and replied
"I'm proud of my service and of every member of the military who puts their life 
  on the line to help make America stronger and secure and blah, blah, blah."
McCain knows all he has to do is wave the flag faster and the Democrats will cave.

If I'd been Clark, I would've stood my ground and said, "What part of what I said wasn't true?"
and then sit back and watch the interviewer try to build a case against me, live on the air.

And Obama was quick to move away from Clark's truth - not a smooth move. 
Nobody insulted McCain, but Obama and the media claimed he was insulted.

I'm always saying, "Just list the facts."
There was no reason to pile on Clark for listing the facts.

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