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Subject: an Obama/Clinton ticket

My dear friend and comrade in arms -

We can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.  The remaining "viable" demo candidates are both corporate Democrats courtesy of the DLC - and we know where that got us (Lieberman, Feinstein, Gore muzzled, Kerry imploding, eight years of Clinton "triangulating" and essentially shoving the "saner" half of the GOP agenda to roll back the New Deal down our throats ("end welfare", NAFTA, job losses, continued unionbusting, and safe "moderate" judges).  This old lefty doesn't really trust either of them.  I gotta confess that my dear sister ( a strong union RN who helped kick Arnold's ass a few years back when he tried to ram through his own "repeal the New Deal in Cali" initiatives) has got me enthusiastic about Obama.  So too, my 21 year old daughter and her cousins.  On the other hand, I greatly respect the judgment of my mother and my sweetheart, both professional women/mothers, who voted for Hillary.  I think all of us are searching for someone to believe in, but we better believe in ourselves and our comrades first, and not put too much trust in any politician. 

I just think the way things are going, the Clintons are going to have to get a whole lot nastier in order to pull off what would now be an upset win.  Their recent conduct already deeply offended many including me.  She sounds tinny to me, not genuine.  Obama is charging with all the momentum both people wise and money in the bank wise.  He's going to have a giant wave of a movement - something dear to the heart of this child of the 60s-70s - propelling him and not only "gotcha back" but watching and pushing him to the progressive side.  I don't see that with the Clintons AT ALL - her idiot offensive comment about LBJ was a slap in the face of the entire Civil Rights movement and the legacy of Dr. King (and clearly pissed off several of the Kennedys as well).

The GOP is salivating for a slugfest with Hillary and it wouldn't end even if she won - they'd just keep on investigating for the entire term of her office.  The country would fall back to the usual.  I don't see that happening if Obama wins.  And I frankly do not trust her on Iraq, Iran, or Palestine/Israel.  She keeps waffling on the war - refusing to apologize for her vote, and finding new inane justifications for it.  She trusted Bush?  That alone ought to disqualify her.

An Obama/Hillary ticket would sweep in all the enthusiastic voters of the primary season and guarantee not just a recapture of the Executive Branch but probably a landslide akin to 1932.  The Hillary voters wouldn't stay home or sit on their hands (although in past elections it is clear that the Clintons did nothing to help Gore and even sucked cash out of the Cali cash cow just when Gore needed it.)  The Obama voters might, particularly if Hillary "wins" the nom through any kind of skullduggery or cutthroating.  Call em fickle - whatever, they're just idealistic kids, like we once were.  Let's get em to the polls this time!

I do agree with your major premise - that we need a broad front coalition to roll up our sleeves and roll back the fascists with all our might!

Hold that Hammer high, and keep on swinging it!
 Michael the Lawyer

I think a Clinton/Obama ticket would be dynamite,
but I'm not sure his ego can handle second place.

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